Both contain the same spice blend but the Vegan Spice blend is dairy-free. The Vegan Spice blend is designed to be used with alternative milks (soy, almond, oat, coconut or macadamia) but can also be used with regular milks. With increasing demand for dairy-free options, some cafés routinely use our Vegan Spice blend only, as by doing so, they can provide for both vegan and non-vegan chai drinkers with a single product.

We commenced our business here in New Zealand with the King range - Traditional and Vanilla Chai, blends using high quality spice extracts to provide taste profiles with broad acceptance by chai lovers. On entering the Australian market we developed the Urban Blends range which have been designed to appeal to cafes with a more organic and natural focus. Blending natural spices and and coconut sugar enables us to offer a wider range of spiced lattes - Turmeric, Matcha, Beetroot for example

All Urban Blends products are vegan except for the White Hot Chocolate which contains milk powder. Of the King range, the Vegan Spiced Chai provides the popular Traditional spice profile without dairy products. It has been blended to be used with plant based milks, but can also be served with regular milk.

The UB Hot Chocolates are 36% and 51% cacao and are sweetened with coconut sugar. The King Premium Hot Chocolate contains 33% high quality cocoa and is sweetened with cane sugar. All are vegan friendly.

We have been developing Keto friendly options and given all our products require sweetness to carry the flavour, we have been trialing a chai and chocolate with erythritol. Please contact us if you have an interest in these products.

The UB range of products are more concentrated and require smaller doses - typically 10gms vs 17.5gm for a standard serve of King Chai. The cost per serve of the two brands are roughly similar, except for the UB Matcha due to the high key ingredient cost.

We can supply complimentary storage canisters, dosing spoons, dosing charts and POS material. This helps ensure a consistent beverage is served across all cup sizes.

Visit our online shop to find options for home delivery. We’ll even throw in free shipping for all orders over $60. Happy brewing!