Café King believes in supporting the communities that have supported us over the last 20 years.

These are some of the local and international welfare charities and conservation organisations that we support with 5% of our net income.

Kea Foundation

Having frequently encountered these intelligent and cheeky birds on our hikes in the Southern Alps, we feel obliged to assist in the effort to ensure their future. The Kea Conservation Trust leads the effort to protect these magnificent endangered birds.


Although perhaps annoying at times with their publicity stunts, Greenpeace has a long history in positive activism on environmental issues, dating back to the French nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Given the state of our planet, environmental concerns should be the highest priority for us all. In light of that, we support Greenpeace’s activism in opposing the corporate bodies that continue their damaging “business as usual” operations.


We've long taken the creation and maintenance of this online encyclopedia for granted, but in the face of the onslaught of fake facts and news, Wikipedia stands central as a bastion of transparency and truth. Compiled by a community of volunteers it is perhaps the internet's greatest creation.


A New Zealand-wide organisation dedicated to providing free nourishing meals to those in need. On joining Bellyfull as a volunteer, Bronwen was impressed by the efficiency of their operation. We are therefore happy to contribute financially to its valuable work at the coalface!

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